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Ymail :: Yahoo e-mail | ymail log in at www.yahoomail.com: Yahoo mail, commonly called ymail in some quarters is a mailing service rendering part of the great web giant Yahoo! To log in or log out of Your Yahoo mail account, click the link here https://login.yahoo.com/?.src=ym&.intl=us&.lang=en-US&.done=https%3a//mail.yahoo.com. You can choose to sign up or sign Yahoo mail here.

Ymail is one of the foremost email service providers that is still standing in grant style.Ymail

With Yahoo mail account, you can send and receive emails, file transfer through attachment and more.

Ymail remains a free email service provider (except for those that prefer the paid version – Business packs), easy to setup and highly rated in the area of mail security.

Just like HotmailGmail, gmx mail and rediffmail, ymail is a global mail service that can be accessed either from your mobile device or PC.

Establish in 1997, ymail now boasts of over 350 million users worldwide.

Ever since yahoo mail started up, it has gone through the various level of development. Now, Yahoo mail now uses the new Ajax interface which contains other advanced features like improved search, drag-and-drop, use of keyboard shortcuts, as well as the now known address auto-completion and tabs that were also included.

The current design of Yahoo mail came with a better search and Facebook integration in case you are on Facebook.

All Yahoo mail emails come with a special protection against spam, virus, and malware that are transmitted via mails.

Yahoo mail gives the user access to IMAP and SMTPs while they use their mails.

Yahoo Mail Inbox Advertising Platform

I will like you to know that if you are on the free package of Yahoo mail, you will be seeing some ads displayed on your mail. This is measures with which www.yahoomail.com raise money for the running of the free mail service.

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Yahoo Mail Plus – The Business Package of Yahoo mail.

To increase the performance base from what is obtainable in the free version of Yahoomail.com, Yahoo decided to launch the paid version of the mail service. This is a great upgrade from the initial service base as users now have access to extra 25-megabyte storage space, ability to attach more files using the Yahoo hosting account and more.

Users now have unhindered access to Yahoo Messenger, Yahoo Calendar, Widow Live Messenger, easy searchability, unlimited storage space and some users in few countries were given SMS Messaging platform.

Other features of Ymail from www.yahoomail.com.

One of the features that stand Yahoo mail out in the mailing field is its support for POP3 server to which the email application connects, such as YPOPs! and Free POPs. This is mainly for those in nations that suffer some level of restriction in the cyber world.

The free version of ymail allows all used to have an Email storage capacity of 1 TB. When sending a mail, you could send an attachment of say 25 MB or with the option of increasing to 100 MB via the built-in ‘Attach Large Files’.

Yahoo mail gives free 100 filters to automatically sort incoming messages to your box. Those on the paid or business get 200 filters for mail sorting.

Please remember that when you failed to use your yahoo mail for a period of 6 months (When your email is inactive for 6 months), you will stand a chance of losing your Yahoo email account. You can retrieve the same email if you can provide all the required information from yahoomail.com, but you will certainly lose all the mails and files saved in the mail before the closure.

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Ymail Sign Up | Yahoo E-Mail | Ymail Login At Www.Yahoomail.Com

To sign up with www.yahoomail.com is quite easy to go by. Just:

  1. Log on to www.yahoomail.com with your browser.
  2. Click on create account Account.
  3. A new e-form will be provided for you to fill online.
  4. Ensure that you enter all the information required of in the right place.
  5. Click on the “Create Account” button to complete the yahoo mail sign up the procession.

Congratulations! You are now a Yahoo mail email account owner.

Ymail sign in | Yahoo mail email sign in at www.yahoomail.com.

If you have succeeded in setting up yahoo mail account, signing in will be an easy game.

Simply go to your browser:

  1. Enter yahoomail.com,
  2. A box will be giving to you to key in your logging details. Enter your yahoo mail password and login details and more.
  3. Click on sign in, then you are free to click logging button to sign in.

Hope it helps?

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