www.gmail.com sign in, Gmail sign in and signup process

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www.gmail.com sign in, Gmail sign in and signup process  www.gmail.com – I will like to use this brief tutorial, to get you well acquainted with Gmail, Gmail services and how to go about Gmail sign in and sign up process using www.gmail.com

all I will demand from you is just your reading audience   as we expose some grey areas about Gmail.com account like Gmail app, how to get new Gmail account, Gmail inbox, the best way to create Gmail account, Gmail Recovery, and easiest way to Check My Email.www.gmail.com

The essence of this brief tutorial about www.gmail.com account is to make you access all the opportunities that there is in Gmail sign in and Gmail signup.

Gmail.com is the current largest email service company in the world, with an ever increasing population compare to other competitors like yahoo mail, Gmx, Hotmail, Rediffmail and more.

The scope of this tutorial on Google mail will cover;

  1. Introduction to www.gmail.com and Gmail sign in
  2. How you can go around Gmail registration page
  3. The best way to about Gmail password recovery settings
  4. Easy steps to your Gmail login details and password recovery.
  5. How to deactivate your account, or simply put how you can delete your grail account.

Without many words, let us move straight to explaining our above sunject about Gmail account.


www.gmail.com is one of the foremost and renowned emails service provider managed by Google. A mere Gmail account can give you unlimited access to other Google products and service like Google adsense, Google plus, Google analytics, Blogger, Google drive and more.

www.gmail.com is exceptional in its services as it helps you access Google Play Store with you Android device.

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Gmail.com comes with higher storage and attachment capacity, supports POP3 and IMAP services and has been in the webmail business since April 1 2004.

Remember that gmail.com account is free. All you just have to do is to learn the easy steps of emailing setup and Gmail email account management using your username and password.

Gmail currently has 34515 Facebook likes and 693 people talking about this.


Ever since I have been using email services, setting up Gmail is one of the simplest of them all.   The Gmail registration page will present you with e-form that you will fill (similar to physical paper form).


Step No 1: On your mobile or desktop browser, move to Gmail registration page, which is accessible from gmail.com, click “Create an Account” button to gain access to the E-form.

You can access can access that by clicking https://accounts.google.com/SignUp?service=mail&continue=https%3A%2F%2Fmail.google.com%2Fmail%2F<mpl=default

Step No 2: when you click the sign up button, you will directed to the form filling page which is a Gmail registration page where you will be require to key in your data like Name, Birth day, Password, username, and more.

Step No 3: when you are through entering those data, click “Next” Button. Gmail will like to verify that you are not robot by carrying out phone verification.

Step No 4: if you have done everything spelt out above successfully, you will receive a congratulation mail that your account have been created. If not, Gmail will refer you back to where you made mistake for you to correct them.


It is better to get this information about password management because you will need it with time. Just follow our procedures bellow.

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Again take your browser to Gmail sign in page. On this page, hit settings -> then choose from say “ Change password

Change password recovery options”. From this point, you can change your Gmail login details.

Next click on password change, enter first your old password and then enter your new password twice on the space given.

Finally click “Change Password” to complete your password changing process.


If for any reason you decide to delete or deactivate your Gmail account, these steps will guide you through;

  1. Visit https://security.google.com/settings/security/deleteaccount?pli=1
  2. Enter your correct password.
  3. Check the box and Click on “DELETE ACCOUNT” button. Ensure that the account you want to terminate is logged in.
  4. Your account has been simply deactivated. You can still reactivate the same account within 90 days grace period.

Thanks for stopping by. If you have further question or suggestions, maker it known through our comment box.

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