Www.Whatsapp.Com | Whatsapp Free Download WhatsApp Latest Version

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Www.Whatsapp.Com | Whatsapp Free Download WhatsApp Latest Version:

www.whatsapp.com : WhatsApp is an app that allows users send  free short text messages to your friend and family members’ numbers that are already in your sim card for free. It is your best  chatting platform with wide range global usage.

www.Whatsapp.com is the official web page to Download WhatsApp Latest Version, With this Whatsapp Latest Versionusers can chat up friends and client thereby making life fulfil.

You can choose to click here  www.Whatsapp.com to download Whatsapp messenger

www.whatsapp.com was originally for iPhone users but knows whatsapp.com is available for almost all OS ranging from iOS, WhatsApp for Android, WhatsApp for Symbian, WhatsApp for Windows phone and more. So, this time around, WhatsApp now have a wider reach.www.whatsapp.comwww.whatsapp.com remains the best cross-platform app on the internet that gives users unlimited access to send text messages, images, video, user location and audio media messages to anybody anywhere in the world for free.

So not minding the model of phone you are using, WhatsApp is here to serve you. Get WhatsApp for iPhone, WhatsApp for Windows Phone, WhatsApp for Android phones, WhatsApp for Blackberry, WhatsApp for Nokia S40, WhatsApp for Nokia Symbian and even WhatsApp on PC/laptop.

Www.Whatsapp.Com | Whatsapp Free Download WhatsApp Latest Version

No wonder www.whatsapp.com reached 800 million active users worldwide, marking WhatsApp second largest popular messaging app after Wechat.

Though WhatsApp – Facebook now has a likely integration, WhatsApp Messenger on the App Store is still readily available.  www.whatsapp.com is so much more economical compared to the traditional way of sending SMS.

The very first time I used WhatsApp, I loved it so much because of the user-friendly nature and the easy at which I was able to connect with friends both far and near. I was able to share smiley, Images, videos and even voice messages for free.

so with this app users can

  • Send messages free, Share Videos and pictures
  • Send Music to friends
  • Share contacts and even location data
  • Send Voice notes
  • Make free calls with the messenger app.
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Whatsapp Messanger Allow You Draw on Photos same way as Snapchat

Whatsapp Messanger has announced they are rolling out a new feature that will users draw on photos same way we do with Snapchat. This will definitely change the way we share images on this social media network.  Yes! You can now spruce up photos same way we do on Snapchat.

www.whatsapp Download

www.whatsapp.com is so much more economical compared to the traditional way of sending SMS.

For example, if I send international SMS to my friends outside the US, it cost me around 50 cents whereas if I send them through WhatsApp using wifi or my mobile data subscription, is will cost me nothing. www.whatsapp.com is so dynamic in the operation.

I have over the years been a big fan of Yahoo messenger and MSN chat platform. But my major concern about them is that sometimes, I will readily want to chat up a friend or friends only to find out that the person is offline. In this work, I will explain how WhatsApp function and how to complete your Whatsapp free download.

click the following links to download




Windows Phone


Nokia S40

Mac or Windows PC

Whatsapp Free Download @ Www.Whatsapp.Com, Download APP Store Free

Firstly, you will need to download Whatsapp application to your devices.

As stated before, Whatsapp free download is available for iOS, Android, BlackBerry OS. Others are BlackBerry 10, Windows Phone, Nokia Series 40, Symbian Tizen. You can download WhatsApp for free if your mobile devices are running on any of the above OS.

Simply go to the mobile market for OS or Download APP Store Free, on the search box of your App store type in WhatsApp, then click search.

Like in the case of Android Market APP Download, Whatsapp icon will top the list of your search.  Click install by the side of the icon for you to Free Downloads Apps, and allow the installation process to complete.

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Once the installation is complete, the application will automatically start up with a pale green screen, click on accept terms and conditions, enter your mobile number for confirmation and verification, click continue, enter your name and that will be all.

How www.whatsapp.com Works

Next, you will see chat (list of people you have been chatting with), Favorite (your mobile contact list that is using WhatsApp service).  Then Contacts (which is your general contact list). www.whatsapp.com does not take you through the hurdles of adding and accepting friends or having a strange friend on your friend’s list. In whatsapp.com, all the friends in your WhatsApp app are your friends. I mean those on your phone contact list before now.

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