Windows Live Mail: Windows Live Mail Download And Window Live Mail Login

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Windows Live Mail: Windows Live Mail Download And Window Live Mail Login

Windows Live Mail is a free and flexible email service that gives users option of a customizable email service.Windows Live Mail

It is a freeware webmail formerly known as Windows Live Mail Desktop that helps in receiving and sending emails.

With the app, users can as well get news feeds along with the intuitive chat which helps to customize your email service.

This program comes with support for other popular webmail like Gmail, Yahoo mail or hotmail.

It comes with a multi-line message lists that have supports for RSS feeds.

More Features Of Windows Live Mail

When using the se program, you can easily separate your inbox folders for a different account you can log in.

Users can send pictures files along with emails using the inbuilt photo email feature.

The interface is easy to use by all. Simply built for all, not minding weather you are a tech junkie or not.

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What I enjoy most is the inbuilt filters which help to stop virus spread through mail through internet fishing. These filters help to checkmate spam email from hacker alike.

One thing that makes Windows Live Mail stands out from another mail service is the ability to access emails when they are in offline mode. Each time users get connected again, new mails starts popping in again.

It is possible to exchange images and photos in HD mode. Users can access lots of free emojis and emoticons and various images through these email service.

Another functionality that should not be left unused is the contact book with users can access friends and send them messages as at when due without stress.

A calendar to keep users up to date is still another options users can harness for a reminder to events.

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This service runs on a freemium package and can be accessed by all.

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