Whatsapp 2.12.306: What You Need To Know About Whatsapp 2.12.306 BETA Apk

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www.whatsapp.com: In case you are not yet aware that whatsapp just released the Beta version of Whatsapp 2.12.306 for free download. I will be pleased to inform you that you can now download the app from whatsapp, but before then, let me bring to your notice hints about the improved version of Whatsapp 2.12.306 Beta Apk version.Whatsapp 2.12.306

The size of the app only recorded 13KB increase from that of the previous version and seriously speaking, there is no much improvement in feature except that whatsapp decided to use this new version to fix bugs that was were recently detected.

As it stands, no file has been deleted or added in the new Whatsapp 2.12.306 except some 36 files that has been modified for better functionality.  These files are said to be having similarities to Google Drive even though the features are not yet enabled in the whatsapp service.

Most pundits have been speculating that Whatsapp 2.12.306 developers are likely to introduce Google Drive backup features sometime soon to help backup chats and files as users have over the years yean for messages and file backup features.

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How To Download Whatsapp 2.12.306 And Install On Your Android Device

For the moment, you cannot download Whatsapp 2.12.306 latest version from your official Google Play store. All you have to do is to download this new Whatsapp 2.12.306 Apk file from whatsapp website and install in your Android device. This can be done by downloading the file using from whatsapp web page (whatsapp.com/android) ->> Click on download ->> then you have to manually install the app, but you will have to firstly do some settings as you device might not permit you to install files from unknown source.

To sort this out, go to your settings -> Security Setting -> Application -> Enable files from unknown source ->  Then you can now complete the installation process -> Enter your mobile number, and when you are done with the installation and verification, I can now say congratulations, your are now using the Whatsapp 2.12.306 Beta Version.


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