How to Use Google Drive Login to Send Large Files

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How to Use Google Drive Login to Send Large Files

All webmail service companies always have this limitation of low attachment space per email. If you want to send and attachment larger than the official and traditional 25MB provided by most webmail service providers, you will run into an issue. This is the reason for this article.Google Drive login

Google now let you send files larger than the normal 25MB that has been on when it introduced Google Drive Login. You can now send files of up to 10GB to your recipient without stress by using Google Drive template.

So gone are those days when you will be stocked with a 25MB limit as Google now step in to ease the situation Google drive. It becomes much easier because you don’t have to sign in another email as one single email gives you access to all Google product.

How to Use Google Drive Login to Send Large Files

To get this done, click on the app option by the right-hand side of your Gmail inbox. When it displays, click on the Google Drive icon among the list of apps present. Choose the actual file you want to upload and send. Gmail will do a quick check to know if the recipient can access the file. If it happens that they cannot, Gmail will prompt you to resent your present sharing settings. This will be done without you leaving your Gmail.

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Google Drive also provided another option for those that cannot access your file using the first method. This option entails you to copy your Google file post link and e=insert it in the body of the email. With this, Gmail will ensure that the recipient gains access to the said file.

So with this option, you can send files above the normal 25MB maximum from the service.

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