The Banner Saga For Android | Download Banner Saga For Android.

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The Banner Saga For Android | Download Banner Saga For Android.

Banner Saga For Android : The banner Saga is finally available for android users. Haven made name for itself in the console and PC world, Viking saga is now up for download for android phones. In this game, tactic tips and choice determine who lives and who dies.Banner Saga For Android

More About The Banner Saga for Android

When on the game, you will be meant to embark on a hectic journey aimed at saving you and your race. While on this bleak world, your strategies and choice you make come back to affect the outcome of your story and the world around you.

So while on this trip using caravan to go through critical environments, you will be meant to fight with a clan and vicious Drudge Soldiers.

As the journey progresses, you will need to build relationships and make a decision that will either make or mar your clan. So as you fight for survival o the journey, your minute to minute decision you take in this bleak situation counts.

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This world is shaped with legends of the Vikings where the player will be meant to fight with lots of ancient weapons. These weapons are rarely known by the generation of how they are used.  This weapon includes; ancient lore, battle tooth and nail.

It comes with 25 playable characters from 7 different classes that are up for your selection. So your choice plays a vital role in the outcome of the game. It takes you and your decisions to lead your caravan to safety even When the trail is uncertain, can you take the lead?

This is a superb game that is away from the usual. Banner Saga comes with lovely and beautiful 2D animation, no wonder it won the Greekie Award for best Indie Video Game, 2014, Independent Games Festival Finalist for Excellence in Visual Art and Honorable mentions for Design and Audio.

Players Of The Banner Saga For Android| Multiple Player on Banner Saga For Android

Multiple players can embark on this game. Up to 7 people can compete in the game to explore the fun that the game brings.

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Download Banner Saga For Android

To have this game running your Android Device, must need to download and install on your Android mobile. To download Click here.

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