Teens On Snapchat Are In Love with new ‘old person lens’

Filed in Social Media by on September 23, 2015

 Teens On Snapchat Are In Love with new ‘old person lens’

Snapchat, a popular fast and fun mobile communication social media that allows users take pictures and video of them self’s, include a caption and send them to friends and families is in the news with its new features called “lenses”, which is highly a welcome development mostly to teens.Snapshot With this recent update, users can add “lenses” to their photos from the range of lenses available. You could to use “Terminator” or a rainbow river lens. This lens feature is really captivating to users mostly the younger generation on Snapchat. Outside the Terminator and rainbow lens, you can decide to use the old person lens; this allows you to make your face look like that of sixty year old person. The younger generation seems to love this one the most as they can use it to prank their parents and have fun while using snapchat I sent my dad a snapchat with the old person lens filter on and she asked if I fell asleep on a blanket. Have you tried any of the snapchat lens filter? Try it out to prank your friends and loved ones.


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