How to Switch Between Phones on Whatsapp Messenger

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How to Switch Between Phones on Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp has turned out to be one of the most use tool for communication. Over the years, we have seen this free messenger record close to 1 billion users.How to Switch Between Phones on Whatsapp Messenger

Whatsapp will not stop adding new features that will help better your user experience. In case you don’t know, WhatsApp messenger allows you send free SMS, videos call, voice calls, send and receive multimedia. These files include those beautiful photos, videos and lots more.

In this article, we are going to show you one of the features you never know existed on WhatsApp messenger. They will help better your user experience.

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Most times we run into a situation where life demands we change our mobile phone for good or may be an accident. Which so ever case, this will also amount we switch wWhatsApp messenger.

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How to Switch Between Phones on Whatsapp Messenger

Just as stated earlier, this article will assist in switching phone on WhatsApp messenger without having to lose out for any reason.

Let us say you intend to switch to a newer version of a Smartphone, and you have been using Whatsapp messenger in the former phone, this article will help you do a smooth move-over.

So each time you change your phone, you can as well take your chat history with you. If your device uses a micro SD card, it will be much easier to go by.

To get this done, move on to your WhatsApp app, Go to Menu> Settings> Chat settings>Backup conversations.

The next is for you to move the SD card to the new device. Ensure the WhatsApp is installed in it, the restore when it prompts you to restore during installation. In case your chat backup is in the internal storage, you can use your file explorer to move then manually to your SD card, and then use the format above.

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Appl phone user can the Google Drive backup option to get it done.

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