Simple way to reduce data consumption on your android phone

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Simple way to reduce data consumption on your android phone

The advent of android and some recent Smartphone marked the beginning of high data usage on the mobile platform. Most people over these years have complained massively about high data consumption on their android phone and not just that, some also complained that their airtime disappears on the android device and all that.Data consumption This tutorial will help you understand how android works and how you can successfully manage your android phone, stop android phone from using your airtime, reduce data usage on your android device.

Android and most Smartphone are built with high tech software and most of these software runs on the background ̶̶  mostly those that gives you notification like your instant massager Apps  ̶  whatsapp , Wechat , Skype , Email notification and more. These app and are built to keep in touch with recent event and to notify you as events unfolds.

The apps run performs most of this action using your data subscription, and when there is not data bundle plan, they function using your air time that was originally meant for your call leading to your airtime disappearance as some will allege. How to reduce to reduce data consumption on your Android The following steps will help you to reduce the rate of data consumption on your Android device

  1. Use Compress webpage Browser: Most browsers are high in data consumption thereby leading to fast data usage. Most default web browsers are really pretty high in their rate of data consumption. But some browsers; Opera mini, Uc browser come handy when it come to data management and consumption. They spend lesser megabyte to open up a web page. It is advised you download and install these browsers to help mitigate the amount of data your use when browsing.
  2. Uninstall unused Apps. Most background running apps on android are not readily serving any meaningful purpose and still consume your data. It is wise for you’re to remove these apps or stop them from running and consuming your data. To do this, go to setting scroll down to application, this will give you the list of your installed application running your phone. Check very well for those you don’t readily make use of, click on them and either uninstall or force to stop if they can’t be uninstalled.
  3. Activate EDGE instead of 3 or 4G networks: whenever you’re not having any large file download, the better way to manage your data usage is to place your data setting on EDGE, as this can help slow down the rate at which your data runs and as well save your cost and battery life. To complete this, go to settings, click more, mobile network, network mode and select GSM only. You can always change this settings to WCDMA preferred anytime you want.
  4. Reduce App data usage: There are some important apps that we readily make use of that we cannot uninstall but we don’t want them to be running on the background and consuming data without our knowing. So how do we go about this? We can actually place these apps on hold without uninstalling. To do this, go to settings again, click on Data Usage, scroll down to see the list of apps and the amount of data that they have spent so far, click on the one you feel like putting its data consumption on hold, click restrict background data. With this, app will not be able to connect to network. You can choose to undo this anytime any day you fill like using the app.
  5. Switch Off Your Data. Yes, I think this is the easiest way to restrict data usage till when you really want to use it. After you must have Use Compress webpage Browser, Use Compress webpage Browser, Activated EDGE instead of 3 or 4G network and Reduce App data usage, it is best advised that you turn off your data network when you don’t have anything to do with data network so as to help you save data and airtime. To do this, go to setting, click more, click on mobile network, Data connection, and click “Off”. You can choose to switch on your data on your android phone again anytime you want to connect to the internet.

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