How to Send an Automatic Vacation Response – Gmail Auto Responder

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How to Send an Automatic Vacation Response Gmail Auto Responder

It will be wrong to proceed on vacation or summer holiday without setting an auto email responder to notify your client friend and employer about your new location. This is where automatic vacation response comes handy. Since you will be unplugged and out of reach, you should allow this new Gmail feature to do the work for you.Gmail Auto Responder

Automatic vacation response will notify your contacts that you are presently offline by mere setting your vacation responder on.

The responder will reply anyone that sends you email within that period that you out of reach. This auto-generated message will be sent to every contact that sends you email except for the emails marked spam message. If the said contact keeps sending you emails, after about four days, Gmail will send the contact email about your unavailability.

How to Send an Automatic Vacation Response – Gmail Auto Responder

To get this feature running on your Gmail account, simply click on the gear icon in the upper right-hand side of your Gmail, Click on “Settings” from the General”  tab. Simply look out for “Vacation Responder On” in the area of “Vacation Responder”.

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With that done, you will be required to craft the message that the auto responder will send to your contacts when you are away. It will require you to write the body and Subject of the message, personalizing it to suit your next move.

When you are through with writing the message, then check the box that reads “Only send a response to people in my Contacts”. This is if you don’t want everybody that sent you to message to receive the same response from the auto responder.

Thos that are on with Google app will see the option that allows the sending of the message to those on my domain. If you go ahead and check this box, it, therefore, means that only those on your contact and your domain will be eligible to receive the auto response. it is that easy.

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Remember to click on “Save Change” when you are done. It is so much important.

Whenever you are through with your vacation, remember to go to the same settings and click “End now” to stop the Gmail Auto Responder from  further sending emails to your contact.


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