Purchases on Google Button And Google “Buy”.

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Purchases on Google Button And Google “Buy”.

Purchases on Google: The world of online shopping will no longer start and stop at Amazon as Google Inc. lunches Purchases on Google Tagged Google “Buy”.

The new feature enables shopper to buy items directly from mobile search ads anytime and anywhere. This new Google “buy” button has been long anticipated for release ever since Google announced that the feature is under test. Google “buy” is safe and secure for payment because it uses user’s Google Account for transaction. Google Buy button Google is not in this pursuit alone, another internet giant Facebook Inc. recently announced that it is stepping up the effort to advance location-based tech as consumers spend more of the time on Smartphones.

The new Google purchase “buy” is expected to function with pulled up ads from search results, and as well, shoppers can now get detailed about product rating, how available are the product store to them.

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Google Chrome for Android well will come up first with the additional details later this month, followed by ios support latter next month. The new Google Purchase will be accessing your browser history to show if there happens to be price change from the previous search from shoppers.

The new feature made Google open up an agreement with E-commerce giant Ebay Inc. Google is expected to be driving potential shoppers to Ebay apps for purchase and Ebay official website. Everyone is looking forward to what this new Google purchase “buy” holds for the Electronic market place.

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