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Download PokéMesh app APK For Free:- If you are a lover of Pokémon GO, then PokéMesh app is the only missing link you are yet to get. It is on it’s built not to discover or scan habitat location of Pokémon’s and won’t be doing that in the nearest future. What this app does better is that it updates the live mappokemesh

What is PokéMesh app

The pokémesh app is an app built to support the finding of Pokémon in the game of Pokemon Go. It is specifically built for Android devices. Its core function is to help improve your Pokémon Go gaming experience.

It does this by displaying all the Pokémon Available, Pokestop, and Gyms within the vicinity of yours. O you can just select an area and use the PokéMesh app to locate Pokémon, Pokestop and Gyms available within the choosing area.

Users of the app have the option of to filter out Pokémon that they don’t have an interest in. this is achieved using the Pokedex.

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So you can run the  app in the background with the Relax mode. This is done by using the push notification. You can as well use the overlay option which permits Pokémon scan faster at any time.

How PokéMesh app Can help You Find Pokémon and the Purpose of the Map

The map displays the international scan carried out by users across the globe using the PokéMesh app. The map unveils and reviews 100 Pokémon that were scanned from the app when you view it from a specific map area that you are viewing from. So with a simple zoom in/out, users of the app can then see other 100 Pokémon in that specific area.

Price Of this App

The app can be downloaded for free but gamers are advised to support or donate funds using PayPal in other to see to the improvement of the app.

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Download PokéMesh app

As stated earlier

To download this Real-time App, click here.

Remember that you can still use the online app by visiting clicking here

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