New Gmail Login Screen: What You Need To Know About It.

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New Gmail Login Screen: What You Need To Know About It.

Gail recently came up with an update both on the android app and well the web version of the service. The update is meant to change was mainly targeted at Gmail login screen both on android app and web login screen

Gmail intend to bring an update that will leave its users with reliable and friendly support for even non-Gmail account as well.

Mean why the update was greeted with mixed reaction from users across board.

The Gmail login screen was also affected by the update even as some user are currently raising concern about what gets reservation on the new update.

Gmail Login Screen On The Web and App.

Update On The Android App: users on the Android app can now easily tap on other person’s avatar picture to get all the recent chats, contact info about the said person.

All users of the mobile app can now see a new look of on their app as Gmail android app now come with a distinct look.

Thos on the tablet are platform are not left out of the capture. With this update, users on mobile app and tablet can now experience prompt way to switching between accounts as well as switch between inbox categories.

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Android users on Lollipop now have the option of hiding sensitive lock-screen notifications. Sounds great right?

Users are to look out for option to add vacation responses to Exchange accounts, just as Gmail is working out the option of Unsubscribe feature.

Update On The Web: Gmail log-in screen on the Web platform now requires users to enter their username and password from two different page. From the words of Google, the new update won’t change the sign-in process in any other way or expose users to spammers.

“As we’ve said many times, we’re working towards introducing new authentication solutions that complement traditional passwords,” a statement from one of Gmail’s employee.

According to her, this move is another way of getting users ready for future authentication solutions, and helps to reduce confusion among folks with multiple Google accounts and using one web browser.

Looking back last year when username and password fields on the Android OS (Mobile users) was changed; the company said the new change to its website “is another step in that direction.”

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The new change now makes users see their profile picture and full name (above) the login page. But this shows up only when users sign in from a location or login in through a device you’ve used before, like your home computer, public computer or mobile phone.

Users have been having mixed reaction as some of them complained that the new move have nothing to do with email security and termed it a mere waste of time which is not available.


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