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MeetUp – Meetup Login,

Using online to activate and facilitate offline in-person meeting is what this social media does best.

With meetups, you can organize various meetings for those in your locality by creating a group and making friends and associate join up.meetup

On joining meet up, members are allowed to join groups of common interest around their locality. This interest caught across cadres, pets, hobbies, books. Others are Politics, movies, games, health and more.

For those that are new to this social media network, I am here to give you extensive view about a meetup. This article will carefully spell out that meetup stands for and what users stands to gain.

More about Meet up

I will like to spell it out here that all that has to do with meetups sign up remains free except those that want to create a special group with more admin and more services.

So on signing up with the service, users are asked to enter their postal code and tag their local group topic they want to meet on. On entering this topic, users can invite or use the app/web page of this service to book a place as well ad time of the meeting. If a user just enters his location or postal code only when signing up, meetups provide him or her list of meeting group around his /her location time the signs in/sign up.

Remember that users can only join up with the group meeting that has an open invitation. Some of the meetings are restricted to just certain list of members in which any other person that wants to join up must get approval from the group admin.


So all of the groups has various rules that govern it. The new member must meet the rule guiding each group before they can be giving access to join up.

How Meet up Groups Works

On setting up a group, the organizers set the rule that bound each of the meetings. They set the date, time and venue. They form the group by choosing from different templates available online. This template sets the general appearance of their group site. The group can personalize the meetup site.

With this site, organizers scheduled meeting and automation to notify members, they can assign different roles to members via the group, there is also an option of RSVPs acceptance for the events.

More so, group admin can formulate file repository for access ton group, post photo libraries of an event, control communication within group members, post group polls.

One other exciting part of this service is that the created meetup websites permit individual members to chat up with other members of the group on a messaging platform and comments are left at individual event listings.

Each event that takes place on the site will see meet up send email to all members of the group where they are allowed to establish further chat with any member of the group using ‘Good to see you” tag.

How meet Up Get its Revenue

Each group organizers are meant to pay a fee for setting up a group. Presently, basic costs US$9.99 for a single month. There plan only allows 4 organizers and 50 members at most.

There is another plan for unlimited pricing that starts at US$14.99 per month or $90 for six months. With this plan, the admin of the group is allowed to create up to three groups for this subscription.

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Meetup Sign Up | Meetup Login at

to join any of the services, user will firstly need to sign up with the service. To get that done, visit

Click on sign up, enter your details as may be required. Don’t forget to enter your postal sign up button and do your email verification.

To sign in after you sign up is easy. Users can sign in for more on the service using their sign in detail.

Groups sign ups

There are lots of groups that have been created on the service.

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