Kabali Leaked On Vimeo – How Kabali got Expose before Launch

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Kabali Leaked On Vimeo – How Kabali got Expose before Launch

kabali is a movie from the stable of Rajnikanth and happens to be its latest movie. This movie was still yet to see its official launch before it was leaked online in a popular video streaming site Vimeo. Kabali leakedAccording to the report, the link was circulated on WhatsApp and in just days, this movie recorded 2.4 million views.

According to MediaNama, it said the link movie been streamed and circulated was kabali.

They refuse to publish the link with which the movie was leaked with to avoid further spread.

The actual version of Kabali leaked was a theater format and not the soft print.

Effort aimed at reaching the lead producer of this movie Subramaniam for comment about Kabali leak was abortive.

In a swift reaction, MediaNama quickly writes Vimeo to take down the said file from it web base.

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Vimeo before now has a policy that prohibits content right infringement. So whenever such case arises, Vimeo will always bring down such content from public view.

Is no more news how many times Vimeo has been banned in India? A Similar news took place in 2012 when John Doe order was taken strongly by Copyright labs following Madras High Court Ruling.


“Vimeo is fully committed to removing infringing content posted by users. We received a takedown notice last night (New York time) from the copyright holder and removed copies of the video first thing this morning,” a spokesperson from Vimeo told MediaNama.

This movie is set for launch before this leak. As at the time of publishing, no official leak point has been identified. Who knows if it will turn out to be hackers?

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The question remains, how did it get to the reach of such hacker? We will give more details of Kabali leaked.

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