How To know if your whatsapp is free forever.

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How To know if your WhatsApp is free forever.

Not long ago, WhatsApp broke the news it would no longer charge users any price for its app services. This means that the annual ritual payment of $0.99/£0.89 will no longer be. The app now virtually runs on a free version.whatsapp is free forever.

With the release of the news, many users receive varying information about this. But today, we will be sharing with you how you can verify if you have the permanent license associated with your phone number.

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How to Know If your Whatsapp is free Forever.

It is quite easy to go about. To get this done, simply move to your

Settings ® Account ® payment info.

When you get there, if you’re placed on the Lifetime or Whatsapp is Free forever, you will see it written “Lifetime”, but if not, you will just have to wait till WhatsApp effect the change.

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So people got two different notifications that are not certain. I will urge to ignore the formal one prompting you for payment as the service is now virtually free. It is a mere passing error.

Those that have paid upfront will they get a refund?

That is what I can’t guarantee or speak much about. We will need to wait for the official massage from WhatsApp in that regard.

As it stands, it seems WhatsApp is out to perform the role of official venue for shops and services. With that, other extra features from the service will see users paying directly to whatsApp. No official statement from whatsSpp about this for now. you can also check out whatsapp messenger for android, whatsapp messenger for blackberry and more.

We are hoping to see WhatsApp come up with official stand point in this regard. But it is certain the service now runs virtually free for its app services. You can only be charged on the ground that you are opting for some extra services from WhatsApp.

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