How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

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How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another Email Address

It is easy to have your emails from Yahoo mailbox forwarded to another email account without the stress of making you do them yourself.Forward Yahoo Mail to Another

Yes! You don’t need to read them first or stress yourself in doing the mail forwarding.

Remember yahoo email remain safe, fast and secure email service, you can access yahoo through IMAP or POP and have a great result and can be accessed through another email account/ address as we explain now.

How to Forward Yahoo Mail to Another  Email or Webmail Service.

To get this done, the user must have an account with Yahoomail by signing at

With your account fully running,

  1. Firstly, Login your account.
  2. On the top right corner of your yahoo mail, click on the gear icon as your mouse cursor hover over it.
  3. From the menu list, click settings.
  4. Next select accounts category.
  5. with that done, click the mail address you are to forward the mails to under Yahoo or Primary Yahoo.
  6. Choose forward in the place that writes Access you Yahoo mail elsewhere.
  7. Haven done that, enter the new email address your want emails from this email forwarded over Forward address.
  8. The last step is for you to select store and forward to forward a copy to each message and receive it at the original Yahoo email address as well or
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More Tips

Store and forward and mark as read to receive a copy forwarded to the mail address you entered and Yahoo email hold a copy.

The only issue here is that yahoo mail marks the email read.

I will like to let you know here that most forwarded email messages most times appears as unread in your Yahoo mailbox not minding that they have been read in other mail address they were forwarded to.

With this whole process done, click on save to have all the settings and changes saved.

Sometimes if you probably enter an email address that is not verified to be accessible to you with Yahoo mail, what you have to do is to check the webmail address in which you have Yahoo email forwarded to from using the subject please verify your alternate email address.

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In that same mail, click the link to verify the address.

How to access Yahoo Email in Your Email Program

You can decide to add yahoo mail as a separate account to your email program using a much more direct route? There are no qualms about it.

It is easy to access yahoo mail account directly using POP which in most times turns off.

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