How to Download Videos From Facebook

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How to Download Videos From Facebook

Each day, lots and lots of videos are uploaded on facebook; these videos can only be viewed by streaming  them on facebook web page. Most times, we wish we probably could save these videos for future use offline without having to stream them wasting our data.FacebookIf this is your position, I will like to let you know that there a lots of ways to go about downloading videos from facebook without stress by using some browser add-ons and few online services. This article will give you few ways you can download videos from facebook among lots of options that there is to it. You can as well user these methods to download videos fro, other online video streaming sits any time; it works pretty well.

  1. Browser add-ons

Add-ons make your browsing experience easier than you know. Below are the lists of two add-ons that will help you download videos from facebook without many huddles.

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How does it work? Simply install any of the add-ons above, next you go on to restart your browser, return to the video page and click play to play the said online. Then on the top right corner of your brwser, you will notice a highlighted blue color icon, click on it to start downloading the said video to your PC. The above process works for both add-ons in a similar fashion. With this simple process above, you can as well download tons of videos from other of your favorite video streaming sites;,, Spike,,, Dailymotion, Metacafe, Facebook,,,,,,,, and more.

  1. Greasemonkey script

Go ahead and install Greasemonkey Script. After installing Greasemonkey script, you need to install Facebook HD Video Downloader. What Greasemonkey does for you is that it allows you to personalize your browser behavior with JavaScript. When you are done with Facebook HD Video Downloader installation, go ahead and refresh your video page. On refreshing, you will be provided with a download link to download the said video straight to your PC. Hope it helped?


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