Google Is Now A Subsidiary Of Alphabet

Filed in Tech Talks by on October 7, 2015 A major cooperate change took place this weekend when it was announced that Google Inc. will now operate hence forth as a subsidiary of a parent company Alphabet.Google The plan for a new cooperate structure was announced back in August and with this new plan, Sundar Pichai will still remain the CEO of Google-Worldwide while Larry Page will head the parent company Alphabet.

This was the plan on ground that warrant Alphabet to recruit The National Institute of Mental Health’s Director earlier on. He is meant to lead Alphabet Life Science team.

Google Stocks

Before this past weekend, the Security and exchange Commission has implemented and Alphabet as one structure which will see Alphabet being the principal/parent company and Google as the subsidiary. Google-stocks will now be traded on the floor as Alphabet’s stocks (though the stock ticker symbol remains the same) even as Alphabet’s stocks trading starts up Monday.

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Larry Page announced that though the change takes immediate effect, but the structures of the companies will run independently so as to Harness all the tremendous opportunities that Google has.


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