Gmail now Supports Yahoo, Outlook and other IMAP/POP email

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Gmail now Supports Yahoo, Outlook and other IMAP/POP email

Have you ever imagine having a unified inbox that will have the capacity to handle all you email activities and save you the stress of handling and managing multiple mail box. It is a whole lot of stress when you are having multiple emails to handle from different webmail service provider; yahoo, Gmail, AOL, hotmail and the more.Gmail That stress will have now been eradicated with the release of the unified email service from Gmail.

With the new feature, Users can now add their @yahoo and @outlook accounts to the Android Gmail app and get all the emails return to a unified inbox on the Gmail App. Simply put, you can now get POP, IMAP, Yahoo, and Exchange mail in the Gmail app, too without having to jump around different mail boxes to get an email done.

You can now Use both Gmail and non-Gmail addresses (, Yahoo Mail, or any other IMAP/POP email) right from the app with ease as we are going to show you below. Yes we know having experienced different level of heck when trying to access our various inbox.

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It could sometimes be frustrating and most cases we pray that there could be alternative app that could hold and stack these mails. Finally Google has no come to the rescue with the crisp Gmail Android app that comes handy when it comes to stacking mails from the different webmail service providers.

Users can now add their @yahoo and @outlook @hotmail other IMAP/POP email accounts to the Gmail app and have all the mails from these service company viewed from using the “All Inboxes” options in the app. Not just that, users can reply all mails without switching account or having to go through the stress of signing in and out.

When writing a new email, all you have to do is to select from your menu an address from your list of mails addresses available. Gmail made this whole process easy and support other IMAP/POP accounts. In the search department, the new app boasts about better auto-complete. It also features responsive animations, larger attachment previews and single tap save to Drive.

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When the addreses are properly entered, users will still enjoy other features of Gmail inbox; HIGHLIGHTS, BUNDLES, REMINDERS, SNOOZE, SEARCH, WORKS WITH GMAIL, An organized inbox, 15GB of free storage, less spam and more. Hope it works?


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