Gmail Account Review − Free Email Service And Gmail App:

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Gmail Account Review − Free Email Service And Gmail App:
The POP ad powerful IMAP access let you access your email with any email program or device.

Gmail Account
Now let us talk about the pros of Gmail Account:

• Send free IMAP or POP access from any address.
• Searching and starring are smart and they let you organize your email.
• Offline interface works with their fast and rich web.

Gmail Account
CONS of Gmail Account:

• It helps to organize your mail and search mail is not nearly as smart and comfortable.
• It has limited online storage 15GB for all free Gmail Account.
• It does not support secure, encrypted, mail (spam virus, worms)
• Keywords found in the message (contextual Ads) are automatic.
• Additional storage can be purchased but Gmail offers free email with 15GB.
• The inbox tabs are automatic to sort certain mail to separate tab and also organize starring and custom color labels (conversation).
• You can use the email addresses or others by collecting mail from up to 5 POP accounts.
• Use templates for new messages on the web Gmail Account.
• Gmail can pick up shared contact details like email address phone number and location and it update the address book automatically for people with Google+ profile.
• Viruses and spam, junk, fraud, and worms are filtered.
• App profile Gmail Account offers fast access for ANDROID and iOS users too.

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This email service is world wide project. Most people now turned out to joining the service judging from its reliability and stable service any where you chose to access it from.

Google Mobile App | Mobile App Download of Gmail.

The mobile version of Gmail service give users instant access to gmail services; Gmail draft, Gmail smtp settings, Gmail recovery, Gmail calendar, Gmail archive, Gmail address,  Gmail contacts, Gmail drive, Gmail smtp settings, Gmail imap settings, Gmail help and more.

This service is available both the iOS, Android, and Windows phone users.

To download Latest Gmail App for Android Device, click here.

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To download Latest Gmail App for iOs Device, click here.

To download Latest Gmail App for Window phone Device, click here.

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