Facebook Ends Sharing Your ‘Likes’ With Advertisers

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Facebook Ends Sharing Your ‘Likes’ With Advertisers

Facebook Ends Sharing : Online marketing is now getting much bigger and much more interesting as the day goes by with Social media giant Facebook announced the stop of passing on data about likes or shares to advertisers in an attempt to simplify the way companies payFacebook login for ads and measure their success. This is meant to help advertisers understand if a campaign was successful. Overtime, advertisers get notifications as per both likes shares and clicks which according to facebook team claims that providing data on all of these metrics actually made it harder for companies how well their campaign has gone. What this means is that companies that advertise on Facebook using cost-per-click will only receive information about click throughs – if a Facebook user clicked on an ad or left the site because of an ad.

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Advertisers will now only be charged when a user clicks on the ad, and in a blog post announcing the update. This is a big forward leap for both Facebook and prospective advertisers as no data about likes, comments or shares of ads or other commercial content will be passed on to advertisers from now onward. Are you having a product you feel like letting the public know about, I will advise you try using the Facebook ads today.


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