Easy Steps To Add Stationery To Yahoo Email

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Easy Steps To Add Stationery To Yahoo Email

In this brief write up, we are going to take you through the easy step by step way you can use to add stationery to your Yahoo mail “compose” page. Stationery helps you move away from the normal plain canvas in your email composing page as stationery enables you to express your personality in email write up- making your Yahoo mail email crisp colorful and attractive to the receiver. There are wide ranges of stationery available on Yahoo! Mail for free. Without many words let us get started;yahoo mail

  • Firstly log on to your yahoo mail login page and log on to access your mail page.
  • Enter your login details; Your Yahoo mail ID which comprises of your yahoo mail username and password, click on the sign in button to access your Yahoo mail account.
  • Next is for you to go to your Yahoo Compose a new email page. Click on the compose button at the top left side of your computer screen. This will open a plain compose page where you normally compose your message.
  • Down below the compose page, you will see some lined up toolbar, Click on the frame icon at the bottom toolbar. This will open up stationery options for you to make your choice from.Yahoo Stationery
  • From here, you are free to Browse stationeries through and make your choice from the options available. You can even use the categories to filter the list of stationeries. After you have made your choice, preview to make sure it what you need before concluding.
  • Simply click on the stationery to make use of it. Once you click on it, It will immediately be loaded into your compose window. It is now ready for use.
  • Write Your Email now on with your choice of stationery on your compose background. When you are through with your email writing, hit the SEND button. Your recipient will open to see the awesome stationery and appreciate you and the email you have used.
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