Download WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 OS

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Download  WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 OS

Whatsapp for Blackberry 10 OS: the world’s most love and used social media platform WhatsApp is out with a new update for blackberry users. As we know, whatsapp is a social network that allows you send voice and video messages, send shot messages, share file files with friends and loved once.whatsapp Recently, Whatsapp inroduced whatsapp web that allow you use whatsapp services through your browsers. to me it works better than the mobile version. click here to find out.

Whatsapp, popular applications for smartphones, whatsapp for android and more, got 900 million people connected to the network recently making it the the most used chatting platform in the world and the number keeps growing. On whatsapp messenger, you will come across several features and one of the newest ones allows you to make free calls to all your WhatsApp friends (who installed the WhatsApp application on their phones running on Android, iOS, BlackBerry 10 or Windows Phone. It works like magic.

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Free calls with your data of wifi connection on. But recently, developers and WhatsApp team made it public that they have made available a new WhatsApp version for BlackBerry 10. This time around, the latest version of whatsapp for blackberry; whatsapp version is will help you overcome some bugs that the developers that have been making the round on the news all this while.

This latest version of whatsapp installation file for WhatsApp other features to make your chatting experience great. Features like translation support or emojis.

However, these new features are not visible for now, but hopefully, so we will need to wait until it is been activated in the by the developers.

Whatsapp for Blackberry 10 And Its New Features

  • A bug that was causing long chats with unsaved contacts to sometimes show a blank message bubble has been fixed
  • A bug that was causing the chat muted to not persist has been fixed
  • Other miscellaneous fixes.
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As it stands, the new WhatsApp for BlackBerry 10 is being tested, so to have it in your blackberry phone, users will have to register to the BlackBerry Beta Zone to join the team of observers that will test run the app for proper usage.

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