Create Facebook Account – Facebook Sign Up at

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Create Facebook Account

Facebook is one of the leading social media networks in the world. Today, statistics has it that Facebook has over 1 billion users worldwide. Facebook gives users option to socialize with friends, chat up friends using Facebook app , facebook on web or Facebook lite. Other are make a free call using data calls, upload pictures and videos as wells comment and share other friends content.Create Facebook Account

Facebook brings alive other developer programs like playing games while on the service. Facebook is one of the major tools for promoting a business using Facebook Business Account.  This promotion online is done using facebook group and Facebook page ads to promote them. This is done by promoting Your personal or Biz Facebook Fan page.  It costs some dollars but it helps in sending your products and services abroad.

Create Facebook Account – Facebook Sign Up at

This article is meant to help you sought out issues on how to create Facebook Account.

Facebook sign up is simple to go by. The sign-up process remains free to all users. So all you just have to do is to get your device connected to the internet and get going. Those that are interested in creating a Facebook Account must have either of a mobile number or working email address for account verification.

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To complete you Facebook Sign Up, visit On opening the page on either your mobile or computer.

  1. Click Sign up button.
  2. Enter your details as may be required of you. They are your name, age, email and more.
  3. Enter a personal password that your won’t forget or share with anybody.
  4. Your real date of birth is needed and then click signup.

Remember that facebook will like to verify your account through either your email or mobile number. So confirm your account and complete the rest process as may be required of you.

Facebook Sign In Account – Facebook Login Account at

When you are through with your Facebook registration, you will now be able to sign in to your account anywhere anytime using your login details.

To login Facebook account, visit, enter your unique email or mobile number, key in your Password and then hit the sign in button.

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If you are using your own  browsing device, it is wise to click the Keep me logged in button to ensure easy logging into your account.

Every process of Facebook Login and Facebook Sign up remains free to all users.

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