How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password DIY

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How to Change Your Yahoo Mail Password DIY

You might get to a situation where you no longer have a good security to your Yahoo mail account. It can be frustrating, but needful some times. This is the reason for this article. It will help guide you on how to successfully change your Yahoo mail Password. The state by step guide will be spelled out down here.Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

Change Your Yahoo Mail Password

To get started with changing your yahoo mail password, you will need to login to your account. That is by entering your old User ID and password and then clicks “Sign In”.

Once you have successfully logged in, look out at the upper right hand side of your screen, you will see your name. Click on it and select “Account Security” which is located in the left hand column. Next select Change Password.

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With the page opened, enter your new personal password and click on the “Continue” button. You will also be prompt to verify your emergency contact details. When on the page, look out of the details are correct. If they are, click on “Look Good” to complete the process.

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