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Filed in Tech Talks by on September 21, 2016 is a renowned cloud storage facility that helps users store digital files online with ease. With, users can backup the digital files from accounts like WhatsApp, music sites and lots of digital file management site. So the user doesn’t have to panic about storage space for those electronic

History Of

Box service is a brainchild of Aaron Levie back then in 2004. It was a project work back then at the University of South California.

Presently, stand to face a massive competition from likes of cloud storage sites like Dropbox, Google Drive and more.

How works gives users that confidence it require anywhere they go. The service is safe secure and reliable. Its storage is based on cloud storage base. Cloud storage means users can save that important file without any fear of physical damage to the drive or gadget used in saving the file.

One thing I love this site for is the ability to access your saved file from any device that has an internet connection.  All you have to do is to login Box account and download those important files of yours. So with your username and password users can access their cloud-stored files anywhere and anytime.

Box Storage Plan

The service allows users to choose from the list of services that they can afford and that suit their current data usage.

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Users can go for packages like;

Personal Plans

Business Plans

Platform Plans

Personal Plans

This plan comes with 250 MB of cloud storage space. It is named personal plan because it fits into personal use in space and in size.

So with this, users can access their files from the cloud storage using the internet connection. With this, the user pays no fee.

You can choose to go for Personal Pro which comes with the cost of $11.50 each month. It gives user storage space of 100GB of space and a single upload capacity limit of 5GB.

Business Plans

This is built for those in the business world and comes with fees for any of the category on this plan. There are sub packages like Starter, Business, and Enterprise. It comes come full content visibility and content management. This plan comes with higher security and gives users more management control.

Platform Plans

This one attracts a fee of $500 per month and comes with higher user’s management control, security, and content visibility. Account Sign Up

To get served by this great content and digital file management site, you will need to sign up

Log on to, click sign up button and fill in your details.

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Click submit button to complete your sign up a process.

Box Login at

For those already on the service, to login, launch your browser and key in With the page opened, click login. Enter your username and password to access your files.

On this page, you can get other service aid like Files, Updates, Notifications, Upgrade, and profile.

While on the service, you can create your own folder to help arrange your file in the proper way. Others are Box note, Bookmarks, power point Document, work Document, Google Sheet and Google Doc.

This service is easy and smart to use.

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