Apple Snap Up Perceptio; A Photo Natural Intelligence Company

Filed in Tech Talks by on October 8, 2015 Snap Up Perceptio; A Photo Natural Intelligence Company  team made public it has acquired Perceptio; an artificial intelligence company that develops software that can classify photos on a mobile phone.Apple Perceptio technology enables your mobile to carry out advance workout without having to store your data in the cloud. With Perceptio or its photo sharing app called Smoothie, your phone can now classify photos by its self. The developer of the deep learning company Perceptio, Nicolas Pinto is a research scientist and a computer science lecturer at MIT Harvard.

More buys For Apple

Apple-team announced that it has done what it knows how to do best; acquiring smaller companies from time to time. Its’s plan for this massive acquisitions is not yet made known to the public. Outside the purchase of Perceptio, Apple have continued to acquire other smaller companies for future use.


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