What You Need To know About Android 6.0 Marshmallow

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Google made it official recently that it has released Android 6.0 marshmallow with Nexus currently the only android device that can run on the update for now. The update is going to come in phases as Sunny tech recently announced that android 6.0 will be made available on Sonny Xperia C4 before the end of the year.Android 6.0

In case your device’s update is not available yet, and then be patient as it in phases.

What is new and what will tips and trick will make your experience on the Android 6.0 update worthwhile?

Many has concluded that androids 6.0 marshmallow is just an improved Lollipop fixing bugs and with a little change.

In this article, we will show you what you can do with to improve your experience while on the new update.

You can now Uninstall Apps from Your Home Screen.

The new android update allows you to uninstall unwanted apps from your home screen or through your drawer by just long-pressing the said app. It will display remove/uninstall and app info, and uninstall in the second variant. So all you have to do is to drag the icon to any of your choice option.

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App Permission Granting

With the new android 6.0 marshmallow, it is possible for users now to control the information an app can access in your device by just going to Settings -> Apps -> from there, you can grant level of permission or that an app can access.

You Can Activate Developers Option.

Android 6.0 allows you to activate developer’s option by going to Settings -> About phone and Build Number 7 times, with that done; a pop-up will signify you that they are developers. So each time you are backing up a step, they will see Developers options displayed above the phone. In this place, users can permit to enable USB Debugging, OEM unlocking or show Touches etc.

Activation of Google Now In place of Lock Screen

Google now is one of the greatest features in the new Android 6.0. it replaces the screen lock shortcut. With this feature activated, users can call their friends without scrolling through their phone book, just by mere calling of their names and Google Now will complete the task of calling the said contact. Just a simple swipe from button left corner of the screen will help the user receive the voice command.

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You can now Disable Notification Peeking

Lollipop brought the introduction of head-up notification which causes popping up over the top of the display. In marshmallow, users now has the option of turning off or on this feature using Settings -> Sounds and Notifications -> App notification -> here you can now choose either to allow this or not.

Personalization of Quick Settings

Each time developers option is been turned on, UI Tuner becomes readily available


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